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Do you have the navigational skills to make this trivia voyage? Test your geography knowledge here!




Geography Vol. 11

What is the name of the ocean current that circles the Antarctic, driven by the strongest wind system on earth, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current?

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By land size, what is the smallest U.S. state?

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What is the capital of Australia?

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Which country is known as the Land of White Elephant?

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What is the highest mountain peak in the world?

Did You Know? Mexico City was originally built on a lake in 1325 A.D., where it is currently sinking by about 3.2 feet per year. The Aztecs filled in Lago de Texcoco to create an artificial island, and the Spaniards created a second location atop the ruins in 1521. Due to the fact that the majority of locals rely on water extracted from the aquifer below the city, it has dropped a total of 32 feet over the last 60 years.