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Which U.S. president was known for his habit of skinny dipping in the Potomac River? — General Trivia




Funny Habits of Famous Personalities

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Which U.S. president was known for his habit of skinny dipping in the Potomac River?

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Which famous writer had a habit of napping under his desk with a blanket?

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Which famous comedian had a habit of wearing fake mustaches during his performances?

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Which famous painter was known for having a pet ocelot named Babou, which he took to social events?

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Which famous musician had a habit of composing music while walking around his garden?

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Which famous poet used to wear a green suit while writing, believing it brought him luck?

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Which famous scientist reportedly had a habit of riding his bike to think through complex problems?

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Which famous filmmaker had a habit of wearing the same clothes to set every day?

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Which famous author wrote standing up because he believed it was healthier?

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Which famous artist carried a revolver filled with blanks to shoot at those who bothered him?

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Which famous actor had a habit of using a puppet called "Lenny" during interviews?

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Which famous scientist had a habit of talking to his cat, which he named "Newton"?

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Which famous writer used to write in bed while eating apples?

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Which famous composer had the habit of pouring water over his hands before composing?

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Which famous physicist reportedly had a habit of sailing, even though he didn't know how to swim?

Did you know that Agatha Christie, the renowned mystery novelist, had an unusual writing habit? She often crafted her thrilling plots while munching on apples in her bathtub.

Christie would settle into a warm bath with her favorite snacks, allowing the solitude and comfort to stimulate her creative process. This quirky habit was not only relaxing but also helped her formulate some of the most intricate and gripping mysteries in literary history.

Imagine your favorite Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple tale being conjured up amidst the steam and scent of apples!

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