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What event used wooden guns? — Sports Trivia




Names of the Oddest Olympic Games

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What event used wooden guns?

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What sport involved cannon shooting?

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Which sport featured a 200m egg-and-spoon race?

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Which sport involved swimming with obstacles?

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Which event included long jump for horses?

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Which sport had a standing high jump event?

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Which event involved club swinging?

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What event included poodle clipping?

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Which sport had a tug-of-war event?

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Which event included underwater swimming?

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Which sport had a solo synchronized event?

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Which sport used hot air balloons?

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Which event involved ballet on skis?

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What Olympic event included climbing a rope?

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What sport used live pigeons in 1900 Olympics?

Did you know? The 1904 Olympic Games held in St. Louis, Missouri, are often referred to as one of the oddest in history. Not only were they overshadowed by the World’s Fair taking place at the same time, but they also included some truly bizarre events.

For example, the marathon was a chaotic spectacle, with only 14 out of 32 starters finishing the race. One runner, Fred Lorz, was initially declared the winner after he hitched a ride in a car for part of the distance, while another competitor, Felix Carvajal, paused mid-race to eat apples from an orchard, which turned out to be rotten! Adding to the oddity, the Games included events like tug-of-war and greased pole climbing, making the 1904 Olympics a fascinating chapter in the annals of sports history.

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