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Will you hit your top speed and drive your way to the answers on this sports trivia? Test your skills here!




Sports Vol. 27

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In which state is the NASCAR race known as the "Daytona 500" held?

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Who won the men's 100 meters final in the 1936 Olympics, famously upsetting Adolf Hitler's hopes for Aryan supremacy?

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Which NBA player made the most finals appearances?

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In what city is the Georgia-Florida football game annually played?

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In baseball, what is the term for hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in a single game?

Did You Know? To ensure fairness in each race, current NASCAR race cars are required to weigh a minimum of 3,400 pounds that includes oil and water without the driver. One of the most interesting NASCAR racecar facts is that each tire weighs 50 pounds so 200 pounds of the total required weight is just the tires.

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