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Will you be toyed with or play your way through this pop culture trivia? Find out here!




Pop Culture Vol. 17

What is Barbie's middle name?

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What 1973 horror movie revolves around a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon?

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Who wrote the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy?

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What was the original name of the band Coldplay before they changed it to their current name?

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Who recorded the home video of a drunken David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger?

Did You Know? Barbie first debuted in 1959 in the black-and-white striped swimsuit. She is still her same size of 11.5 inches tall and weighs 7.35 ounces while only costing $3 for the first Barbie editions. Pictured above is Barbie’s first clothing designer Charlotte Johnson posing with the 1965 Barbie doll model.