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Will you burn the popcorn on this trivia? Test your food knowledge here!




Food Vol. 8

What company introduced the first microwaveable food product?

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What was the first microwaveable TV dinner introduced in the United States?

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What company introduced the first frozen pizza in 1986?

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Who is the company of the first microwaveable popcorn product that was introduced in 1981?

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What type of food is the most commonly microwaved food in the United States?

Did You Know? The microwave was actually invented by accident. Percy Spencer was standing in front of an active radar set while working on magnetrons when he noticed the candy bar in his pocket had melted. Intrigued, Spencer, a leading expert in radar tube design, decided to experiment, ultimately creating a high-density electromagnetic field within a metal box that would go on to live in infamy as how we heat up our food.